Discover our story

Ross Family Cigars has its roots in various aspects of my life. Growing up in a small household with three brothers, I quickly developed a strong sense of family. Coming from a modest background, we relied on one another to navigate life's challenges. Drawing inspiration from their love, I pursued my first passion and established my initial company in the Millwork and construction industry. This endeavor taught me the value of perseverance, as embarking on one's own path is never easy. Through the stresses of this journey, I discovered another passion: cigars. Smoking a cigar brings me solace after a long day of work, evoking a sense of tranquility in every puff. As a result, I dedicated several years of my life to my Millwork and construction company.

However, upon the birth of my first son, I realized that the success of this company was meant for my children's future rather than my own. This realization fueled my determination and further fueled my love for cigars. I became deeply involved in the cigar community, which shares a connection through our shared enjoyment of cigars. The same flame that lights our cigars also illuminates a path towards new friendships and experiences beyond measure. Many individuals I have met within this community are like family to me. These experiences ultimately led me to discover my third and most profound passion: family. As my two sons grow up and begin to pursue their own passions in the world, I decided to do the same. I yearned to share the serenity I find in cigars with others.

The art of selection

Our journey starts with choosing the finest leaves, ensuring each embodies the ultimate in flavor and aroma. This meticulous selection lays the groundwork for our exceptional cigars, marrying tradition with precision from the very beginning.

Craftsmanship in every roll

In the hands of our skilled artisans, tradition and innovation converge to shape our cigars. This stage is characterized by meticulous rolling techniques, ensuring balance, texture, and a seamless smoking experience that stands as a testament to our dedication.

Aged to perfection

The aging process is where our cigars acquire their distinctive character. In controlled environments, time enhances their flavor, aroma, and smoothness, culminating in a luxurious smoking experience that reflects our legacy in every puff.

“The unique blend of tobacco in Ross Family Cigars symbolizes unity and tranquility, encapsulating the spirit of togetherness and zen.”

— Rick ross